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Business needs to be correctly. That means telling the truth about what goes on, both outside and within the business. Honesty is the best policy and we commit to being honest about how we're conducting business and how we're making decisions. You won't need to question where our stance or our pockets lie... and that's the way it should be. We respect you as customers and the least we can do is be honest. If you have questions or suggestions on how we can get better, just ask and we'll be happy to answer.


We can't do anything on our own and no business would exist without its amazing customers, like you. That's why we ensure 11% of proceeds go to charities that you select. You heard that correctly! Ideally, we would love to support a charity, which focuses on minorities and men. Send us an email with the charity that you believe is most deserving and why, please include their contact information. At the end of the year, we speak with account and whatever the total proceeds are, we will take 11% and donate it to charities. Our board will read all the submissions and make the final decisions on who will receive the donations as a new year gift. Support the brand and we will always look to support you too.



Let's say it for the people in the back, climate change is real and we all have to do our part to ensure we are leaving our planet in better shape than when we arrived. Our commitment is to work to keep all products eco-friendly and shipping prices down, while utilizing eco-friendly shipping supplies. If you feel there's a better product or materials we could be using or have a way for us to lower our carbon footprint, please let us know, and we will be more than happy to look into it as an alternative to help our planet wile serving you.

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