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Why did you start Gent JW?

To motivate, inspire, and uplift our current and future generations. To create a space for us to come together to learn and grow while collaborating. You may go faster alone, but we go further together. Gent JW is providing the 'how to' and application for becoming the best version of yourself.

What are you looking to accomplish with this?

If I can give just one individual the belief in themselves that they didn't know they had, that would be the best accomplishment I can ask for. However, I believe we can do more than that and help crown 100,000 Kings! Crowning 100,000 Kings means 100,000 individuals who are committing to elevate their game, reach for new heights, challenge themselves to be better as individuals, in their relationships, in their communities, and be examples for others around them.

Why should people take the pledge?

Taking the pledge means you believe in our mission, even more, it means you believe in becoming the best version of yourself. If you believe you can grow, learn, and achieve more. If you believe you can uplift your community and those around you and be an example. If you believe you can bring someone alongside you. If you believe you have an inner King. Take the pledge.

How do people support?

You can support Gent JW in a myriad of ways. The easiest is to visit the 'Shop' and purchase a product. With each purchase, a King Me Commitment card is included so you can write out your commitment to yourself and join our accountability group. In addition, Gent JW has various workshops, seminars, lectures, and videos for you to join, watch, and learn from while on your personal journey. There is even a section dedicated to Our Queens, so women, you're encouraged to support as well and share with the fellow men you know.

What does King Me mean?

King Me is a daily reminder, mantra, and memento that every day that you're blessed to wake up and see another day, you must demonstrate your inner King through your words and actions, how you think and conduct yourself, and be an example for others to look up to. 

Do you think this will catch on?

That comes down to you. Gent JW will be here, I live it every single day. If you want to unlock your inner King, take the pledge, and let's change the world!

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