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What Makes A King

You aren't born a King, you become a King through your daily actions and words. There's no age limit to becoming a King as we all must go through the process in our own way. A King is of integrity, honesty, and selflessness. A King looks to leave places better than how they were found. A King is a gentleman, chivalrous, and faithful. A King keeps his word, is respectful, accountable, and dependable. A King lives with purpose, learns from mistakes, and does what's necessary, not popular. A King strives to be better each and every day. The journey to becoming a King is a challenge, but is not impossible. King Me is a standard for how to live and restoring the expectation of what we are meant to be.   


Start Your Path To Becoming A King


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King Me is all about building Kings up and becoming a better individual to lead and create change for the better.



Once you receive your King Me Product, complete the King Me Commitment and share it along with your picture on social media to collaborate and grow together.

Tag @JWPrimeTime | #KingMeCommitment



11% of proceeds are donated to charities that support minorities and you help choose where your support goes. See

'Our Leadership Principles' at the bottom to learn more.

Complete Your King Me Commitment

The King Me Commitment is your first step to become a King. It's statistically proven that you are more likely to complete a task or keep a promise if it's written down and the percentage increases drastically if that task or promise is shared publicly. This is your chance to take your first step of becoming the King you always wanted. Write your Commitment down and share it with the world. Buy a product to get started. Tag @JWPrimeTime | #KingMeCommitment

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